Links and resources

Relevant reviews/notes:

Quantum many-body systems in thermal equilibriumb

by yours truly, focusing on analytically tractable properties of quantum systems in thermal equilibrium: correlation structure, statistics, computational complexity,…

From Quantum Chaos and Eigenstate Thermalization to Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

by D’Alessio et al. A tour de force of non-equilibrium physics of many body quantum physics.

Equilibration, thermalisation, and the emergence of statistical mechanics in closed quantum systems

by Gogolin & Eisert, with a focus on equilibration and htermalization of quenched dynamics.

The large deviation approach to statistical mechanics

by Hugo Touchette. An intuitive, physics-focused introduction to large deviation theory istatistical physics, a mathematical framework with numerous physics applications.

Thermodynamic laws for populations and quantum coherence: A self-contained introduction to the resource theory approach to thermodynamics

by Matteo Lostaglio. A very good introduction to the framework of thermodynamical resource theories.

From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory

Principles of Quantum Communication Theory: A Modern Approach

For all your QI-related most technical questions, check Mark M. Wilde’s and Sumeet Khatri’s books.

Other useful resources:

Quantum Journal : a wonderful community-run initiative for an open-access journal.

arXiv : arguably the best science website on the internet.

FJI/precarios: federation of young scientists in Spain, with a focus on labour rights. : a good compilation of the main quantum information conferences